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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for MimosasAndMotherhood.com and shop.mimosasandmotherhood.com

Cliff Notes version

Websites that use ads (like almost every website on the internet) show you ads based on what you like on the internet. If you’ve searched for something or visited certain sites, you’ll probably see ads for that everywhere you go on the internet. I don’t control the types of ads that show up for you.

But – me, personally – I never see your information. Never ever.

I believe strongly in privacy and respect yours to the utmost. The ads that you will see are catered to what you like so that you are seeing things that are relevant. But that’s where the use of your info stops. It’s never sold or shared outside of making sure you have the best user experience on the internet.

So bottom line: you’re awesome for reading this. And I respect you as a person and would never do anything to compromise your privacy. Ever. 

If you want more legalese about our privacy policy, click here for the full scoop.